Project Location


Chandler, AZ

Project Size


14,738 SF

Project Budget


$102 per SF

NovaSource Power Services is an innovative global O & M provider, specializing in the care and maintenance of renewable power generation assets. For their Chandler location, PDO was able to deliver a warm, modern, quietly elegant office space on a fast-paced project schedule. In fact, many of the design elements PDO designed for this new location are likely to become standards for future NovaSource facilities.

The natural wood, greenery, and honed concrete finishes speak to NovaSource’s sustainable focus, and pops of vibrant blue add brightness to inner areas of the building such as the break room and collaboration areas. PDO also worked with NovaSource and the building team to solve logistical challenges as well as visual, creating a beautiful space that also functions flawlessly for the client.

Warm woods and fabric finishes help balance the concrete flooring and open ceiling. The large, open break room was a critical place for the team to meet and eat while maintaining social distancing, as well as for overall variety. Open shelving help keep the items displayed tidy and greenery gives that biophilic feeling people want in today's trendiest spaces.
The NOC is the "heart" of the space. From here, team members have visibility and access to the critical systems for the company. PDO used the natural architecture of the floor plate to place them in a perfect location. The lighting is controllable for multi-screen use and the monitor walls create the high-tech feeling they were hoping for.